Giorgio Ristorante

A meal here is about enjoying time together, simplicity and the authentic flavours of Italian cuisine in an atmosphere that is perfect for conversation and sharing good times.


At Ristorante Giorgio, food and people are central to our mission. For over 35 years, we have offered tasty, comforting food, with a focus on freshness and quality ingredients.


From classic Italian to new favourites, our dishes are carefully prepared for you to enjoy. Our attentive staff will help you choose from our wide variety of delicious dishes.


Pizza Bellucci, Spaghettini Polpette, Lasagne Antico made with fresh pasta, Veal Marsala!… Ristorante Giorgio brings you the best of Italy!

Our restaurants offer the bring-your-own-bottle option, so you can enhance your meal with your favourite wine to create the perfect experience!